15 Most important life lessons, as told by Lorelai Gilmore.

  1. Coffee is a necessity to life.lorelai 15
  2. Car jam sessions are the best jam sessions. Even if you are alone.lorelai 14
  3. TV shows are more than just TV shows when you find the right one.lorelai 13
  4. Your mom is the best person to go shopping with.lorelai 12
  5. Your mom is one of the few people in life who genuinely takes joy in all of your successes.lorelai 11
  6. You can’t keep anything hidden from your mom…lorelai 10
  7. You should smile to keep crazy people calm.lorelai 9
  8. It’s okay to fight with your mom.lorelai 8
  9. Your mom is the best person to go to for advice on anything and everything.lorelai 7
  10. After a break-up, you need to wallow.lorelai 6
  11. Sometimes, giving an ultimatum is the only choice you have.lorelai 5
  12. You don’t need to date every guy who throws himself at you.lorelai 4
  13. At the end of the day, your mom will always know how to make you feel better.lorelai 3
  14. Your mom will always keep your priorities straight.lorelai 2-1 lorelai 2-2 lorelai 2-3 lorelai 2-4
  15. And finally, last but NOT least: My mom is the person that I most want to be.lorelai 1

*originally published on November 1, 2013*

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