The Thing About Mondays

For some reason our society has these negative connotations associated with Mondays. Everyone dreads them but why? Perhaps it’s because the weekend is over or because you have to go to school or work but that is just one way of looking at it. I see it as a constant reminder of a fresh start, a finite day I can count on to remind me that today is a new day, this week is a new week. Sure the weekends are great and there are some weeks where I count the days until the calendar turns to Friday but more often than not I wake up Monday morning excited to begin a new week.


In a Business Insider article titled “What successful people do on Monday mornings” Lynn Taylor told Business Insider “They [Mondays] influence your mindset in a positive or negative way, depending on what actions you decide to take.” The things they listed amongst what every successful person does on Monday mornings ranges from a healthy breakfast and exercise to update lists and goals and visualizing the weeks successes. Most importantly, they say, successful people “remember that there is a Tuesday.”

While we need to remember every day that there is a tomorrow we must not forget about the present day.

Some things that I do every Monday morning enjoy a cup of coffee, update my planner, (try my best to) exercise and stalk Pinterest for the perfect #MotivationalMonday twitter post. This was something I started doing this past fall. Every Monday I post a quote that I like or inspires me and post it on Twitter. It is a comforting thought that if at least one person reads it and is inspired, I’ve made that person’s Monday just a little bit better.


Follow me on Twitter here if you’d like to read my #MotivationalMonday tweets or articles I’m currently loving or maybe a random thought I for some reason decided to share.


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