Gossip Girl, not just a TV show but a way of life.

gossip girl 1

“Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” the infamous words that start off every GG episode. In lieu of me being nostalgic for the show that occupied my time since 2007, I decided to dedicate a blog post to the show that will forever be in my heart. Five years, six seasons, and 121 episodes later, not only was the drama, relationships, and friendships noteworthy but the fashion was unparalleled. However, this should be expected granted that the show is set in the fashion capital of the world. The leading ladies modeled the hottest runway fashions and showed girls everywhere that yes, style straight from the runway could be worn on the streets, but one must not forget that these streets HAVE to be the streets of New York City. Blair Waldorf represented the posh, sophisticated Upper East Side Queen B while Serena represented the individual free spirited luxe socialite. Both very different but very complimentary. And we can’t forget the guys! Nate sported all-american preppy, sporty style while Chuck Bass was well Chuck Bass. His style is incomparable. Classy retro inspired and always in a suit, Chuck Bass is the underrated style super star of the show. Finally, lonely boy Dan Humphrey represented the Lower East Side casual hipster. Although their drama came and went, the style never faded and will forever be remembered.

gossip girl 2

*originally published on October 29, 2013*


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