So What’s the Deal with Villoid?

This past September Alexa Chung launched a fashion app called Villoid with Jeanette Dyhre Kvisvik, a former lawyer who has started several mobile marketing and e-commerce companies.

The app was first launched in Norway where it was quite successful. Kvisvik, CEO of Villoid, moved to Oslo from New York City but did not want to leave the incomparable NYC shopping behind. With that came her idea for Villoid. When looking to launch the app internationally she reached out to Chung who had been looking to launch a fashion app but wasn’t as well versed in the tech world.

Kvisvik met Chung in New York and the two hit it off. They worked for months merging their ideas and redefining the app for the international launch. Kvisvik told “Chung was very involved with helping to revamp the app’s design, branding, the user experience and tone-of-voice. She also came up with the new name, which comes from ‘a little bit of Villain and a little bit of astroid, but really just something Alexa calls some of her friends.'”

In short the app is an Instagram/Pinterest hybrid but in depth it is so much more.

You create Pinterest-like boards featuring outfits, inspirations or current moods. Really anything you want. And at the app’s heart it is a social media platform where you can follow friends and influencers alike and see what’s currently on their fashion savvy minds. Moreover, you can directly buy the items you love and use on your boards straight from the app.


The app also has a killer newsletter that out every couple of days with letters from Alexa herself or with a user of the week who’s style caught the Villoid team’s eyes. The aesthetic of the app is mod and minimalist in an effort to let the user’s personal style speak for itself.

Make sure to download in the App Store today and follow me on Villoid (username: Gabriella Bower)! Comment below with your usernames, I would love to see what you create on your Villoid.



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