Stirring Up Some Change with Caroline Trant

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Caroline Trant is a sophomore in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. Education has always been a huge part of Caroline’s life and while business is the field she wants to go into, social justice is her driving passion. A month ago, Caroline founded tumbl{HERS}, hand painted ceramic coffee tumblers where the proceeds benefit Let Girls Learn. I had the pleasure of interviewing Caroline about her social entrepreneurial venture over, what else, some coffee.

Current designs of tumbl{HERS}

GB: Where did you get the idea for tumbl{HERS}?

CT: It just sort of happened. I’m taking an accounting class and I absolutely hate it. But then I kept reminding myself how lucky I am to even have an education to even complain about. I am a part of Women in Business, and we have recently been trying to get Sophia Bush as a speaker for our annual Women In Business Conference.  After having researched all of the causes Sophia Bush is a spokesperson and activist for, I stumbled across the Let Girls Learn Initiative. That happened to be around the same time everyone was posting on Instagram and Twitter regarding this initiative with the “62MillionGirls” hashtag. I wanted to do something to help women in other countries get an education. I started thinking about what all girls love and that’s how I landed on the coffee tumbler. Because behind every smart girl is a cup of coffee. I’ve always been a crafty person and whenever I saw the Starbucks tumblers I thought I could make something similar.

GB: How did you come up with the name?

CT: The name coincided with how I came up with my idea.  About a month ago, I was walking home from class and it was strangely hot for November. I started wondering about the state of our Earth and the environment and how it would keep up with our exponentially growing population. I then started thinking about why our population is growing so fast and I realized it’s because many women in other countries don’t have the proper education regarding contraception. I was walking home with my Starbucks tumbler and started playing around with variations of words and pronouns for girls “she” “her” “hers” etc and the word tumbler. It all just clicked eventually. I walked into my dorm room and said to my roommate Lauren

I think I know how to change the world but I need your help.

GB: Explain the process of your business and how you find time to manage it with everything else going on in your life.  

CT: When I was just starting out, I dedicated an hour every night to doing something for tumbl{HERS}. I didn’t get much sleep that first week. Now that orders are starting to come in, I just try and do them as I receive them. I am able to store all of my supplies in the banner room of my sorority house which is in the basement so I make them all there. I hand paint every tumbler and am selling them on Etsy. It’s such a great website. It makes the whole ordering and shipping process very easy for both myself and the consumer.

GB: Where do you see your business in 5 years?

CT: I see tumbl{HERS} as a certified non-profit and I hope to be shipping internationally. I also plan to go abroad my junior year, so I would love to see my tumblers traveling around the world with me. I will soon be launching #RockTheCup for tumbl{HERS} where people can post on Instagram with that hashtag a picture of them and their cup.

GB: Lastly, what does education mean to you?

CT: Education unlocks so many doors we don’t even realize.

Education is the platform for building your future.

To be able to say that you or I did something that helped another woman receive an education that we are lucky enough to be guaranteed…it would be an incredible feeling. There are so many smart women out there who do not have the opportunity to go to school, and I feel that school validates many women. Education can help you realize your self worth.

Click on the links throughout the interview or here to purchase a tumbl{HERS}. Make sure to also follow tumbl{HERS} on Instagram!


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  1. Thanks to Gabriella for sharing your interview. Enjoyed to the last line . Congrats to both of you and wish you the best!!!

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