Sweater Weather

Yes I realize I have a basic headline and this is a pretty basic post but with fall finally here and so many sweaters available it is important to know which sweaters are worth the investment and which ones well, aren’t.

  1. The classic fitted boyfriend sweater can be layered over all of your linen button down shirts for a preppy and professional look.
  2. The sweater dress is the autumnal counterpart of the sundress. Paired with tights or over the knee socks and boots complete the ensemble.
  3. A new take on the sweater dress is the Midi Sweater dress. While perfect for the taller frame, us petite women can still pull it off with the help of booties or heels.
  4. The open cardi sweater is another classic that can help in the early fall weeks when you still want to get the last wears of your summer dresses.
  5. The blanket sweater is the perfect cozy but put together sweater option and can double as a coat when the temperate remains in the 60 degree range.
  6. Finally, the cable knit sweater is a fall necessity.

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