62 Million Girls

First Lady Michelle Obama recently launched the #62MillionGirls campaign which will raise awareness for her efforts with the Peace Corps and the Let Girls Learn initiative. The #62MillionGirls campaign simply asks you to tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself and share what you learned in school:

“In school, I learned ____. #62MillionGirls don’t have that chance.”

President Obama and The First Lady hope to use the Let Girls Learn initiative as a means of building upon the public engagement campaign the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) launched last summer.

According to the initiative’s website, Let Girls Learn is

a government-wide approach to empower girls around the world.

Education has always been an important aspect of my life. I was that kid who loved going to school, who felt a rush from purchasing new school supplies, who eagerly did her homework after school. My thirst for learning has and will never cease. That is a direct result of my supportive parents, incredible teachers who became mentors, and high school faculty members who provided leadership opportunities.

But 62 million girls don’t have that chance.

According to the Let Girls Learn fact sheet ” 62 million girls around the world – half of whom are adolescent – are not in school. These girls have diminished economic opportunities and are more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, early and forced marriage, and other forms of violence.” It is a proven fact that girls who receive an quality education are “more likely to earn a decent living, raise a healthy, educated family, and improve the quality of life for herself, her family, and her community.”

We owe it to these girls of the world to raise awareness and provide the means for their education so please Instagram or tweet #62MillionGirls and join the movement. If you would like to learn more about #62MillionGirls and the Let Girls Learn initiatives click on the links provided.


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