Summer to Fall Transitional Basics

Fall is officially here and in New York, it’s hard to know what that means. There are morning chills that turn into heat scorches by noon so although many of us may be ready for 55 degree days, we have no control over Mother Nature. To offer a solution for New York’s fickle fall weather, I have gathered the 5 summer items every woman should keep in her autumnal closet.

  1. That lace bralette you hopefully did not try to pass off as a top this summer is the perfect bottom layer for a slouchy sweater this fall. The lace will subtly peak out around your shoulders and is an flirty alternative to a traditional cami.
  2. Please do not strictly adhere to the “No white after Labor Day” rule. A white oxford shirt is the perfect go-to top and is a more pulled together option than a loose T-shirt. It can be paired with any kind of denim, dark hued pant, or can be tucked into a skirt.
  3. Sunglasses never go out of season. However, for fall try and stick to classic colored shades i.e. black, brown, tortoiseshell.
  4. This cropped black sweater that you only had out for the summer because of the occasional chilly night is the perfect layering piece for fall. Added bonus, you can wear it over any of your summer tanks and sundresses.
  5. Finally, a short sleeved denim shirt can be worn with any bottom piece and when buttoned all the way, can be accessorized with a statement necklace.

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