Friday Favorites

In the latest installment of Read Between the hemLines I have decided to create a weekly column titled Friday Favorites. I will share my current obsessions or recent purchases or the things that helped me survive the week with little blurbs or descriptions about each “favorite.” So here is my first ever, enjoy!



Grey’s Anatomy is my latest binge watching obsession on Netflix. The drama while over the top and very soap opera-esque is somehow relatable. The doctors deal with the same boy problems or growing pains that I go through, they just discuss it over open heart surgery.

My Chanel lipstick (Ballet Russe) accessorized several of my outfits this week.

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup for the third time in six years…who wouldn’t be obsessed?!

Spotify is a constant obsession (follow me: gabriellabower) but with the work commute to Nordstrom 4 to 5 days a week, it really makes the drive more enjoyable. (Showtunes on showtunes this week.)

My iPad mini was one of the best gifts I have gotten because not only does it function as a Kindle for my reading needs but I can also read WWD every day on it.

Speaking of WWD, I upgraded my subscription this week so not only do I get the digital daily but I get the weekly print issues.

Finally, I am obsessed with my new Free People Sunever Leather Gladiator Sandal. While on break from work, the sandals I was wearing broke but luckily I work in retail and picked up this pair of footwear.

Set created by me on Polyvore.


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