Wynwood Miami, FL

Last week my friends and I went to Miami for spring break. Between tanning on South Beach and nightly strolls through Ocean Drive, we discovered an up-and-coming area thanks to my godfather Paul. Wynwood has been known for almost everything. From being a middle class area of family residences to a fashion district to becoming “Little San Juan” and then a poverty stricken area, Wynwood has had quite the colorful history. (Pun intended.) And drug trafficking amongst other things were heavily prevalent.

Then in the 2000s, Tony Goldman of Goldman Properties started investing in this area. According to http://www.miami-history.com “In October of 2009, Tony Goldman dreamed up an open air gallery of murals called Wynwood Walls. The gallery opened a couple months later to coincide with Art Basel. Goldman’s vision was that the entire Wynwood neighborhood would become a canvas for urban street art. It is a neighborhood that provides a monthly art showing called the Wynwood Art Walk, which takes place on the second Saturday of every month.”

A canvas indeed is what Wynwood has become. We walked in one large circle around the entire area and in every direction there were numerous murals, some big, others much bigger, while some remained solely around the doors of entrance to eclectic boutiques. There are always new murals being drawn so you could go twice and one month and discover new art. Also the substantial square footage of Wynwood makes it inevitable to find something new in the area whenever one visits.  This place is a must see in Miami, but don’t take my word for it. Take a look at some of my pictures below!





Kristen, Alice, and I.



Me, Alice, and Kristen. Breakfast Club meets Wynwood?


My godfather Paul, our tour guide.








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