Women’s Wear Daily – cross out “Daily”

It was announced today by the editors of Women’s Wear Daily that the 105 year old daily new newspaper will no longer be daily after April 24th. Instead, they will print a weekly edition and focus on their online content where the readers will “see deeper editorial content, more breaking news and more stories around the clock” as said in the Editors’ note in today’s edition. With something always happening in the fashion industry, it makes sense as to why this fashion bible would want to expand their online presence. They said it best in the same Editors’ note, stating “To embrace the far-reaching demand for actionable intelligence and breaking news, we need to erase geographic boundaries and eliminate obstacles to timely distribution. Geographic bias is a thing of the past, at least in this industry.”

The publication has confirmed no layoffs, but rather an expansion globally of more correspondents and new offices in China and Brazil as well as larger staffs in their existing global offices. WWD also assuaged the concerns of its subscription holders, promising “any subscriber who currently receives a daily newspaper will receive the weekly edition as well as the Daily Digital, which will be delivered via secure e-mail each day.”

There really seems to be no consequences to this move towards a more digital medium of journalism. But of course, when prominent publications such as Women’s Wear Daily, and others like it such as Vogue and Variety, stray from print and commit to digital, the speculation on the journalism industry goes amuck. The main question always challenges “Is journalism a dying profession?” The answer, once again, is NO.

The WWD transition to online is a perfect example of how journalism is not dying but rather evolving. Evolving to fit the changing times. Let’s face it: the millennial generation is technology obsessed, always wanting the latest iPhone or MacBook and is severely social media crazed. Our faces are always in front of screens and we like it that way! By converting from daily print to more in-depth online digital content, readers will be more informed. Events happening in Paris, such as Paris Fashion Week which just came to an end, are five hours ahead of New York. With a bigger global team and greater allowance for online coverage, WWD can inform the avid fashion followers much faster because content can be immediately uploaded. No longer will readers have to wait until the daily newspaper is delivered at 8am, or later.

Maybe I’m a minority and I prefer print editions over digital, but I both respect and understand transitions such as Women Wear Daily’s to digital journalism. By putting more resources into online content, there will be more platforms for readers to absorb fashion news online – whether it be Instagram, blogs, Tumblr or Twitter. The benefits are endless and the WWD editors closed their note to remind its readers how its subscribers remain their top priority. “In some ways, this change may seem like a technology story, but ultimately, it’s about content. And about servicing you, the reader, more efficiently and more comprehensively.”

Read the full Letter from the Editors here: http://wwd.com/media-news/publishing/from-the-editors-wwd-launching-weekly-format-10094216/


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