Lauren Conrad will forever and always be one of my idols. While some may think its stalkerish to have been following LC through the TV screens since her Laguna Beach days, I say its called loyalty. As basic as it sounds, the drama of Laguna Beach and then The Hills was quite relatable, regardless if it was scripted. She introduced me to Teen Vogue and headband braids and gracefully displayed how life in the spotlight doesn’t turn everybody into Tabloid scandal sources. So in honor of her bday I have compiled a list of other lessons Lauren Conrad has taught me//the world.

First and foremost she always has the right answers to everything and handles sexist questions with poise.

tumblr_ngq76seob31r62mtoo1_500 tumblr_ngq76seob31r62mtoo2_500

She made the headband braid cool.


Speaking of headbands, she rocked them long before Blair Waldorf did.


Also oversized sunglasses weren’t fabulous until LC made them fabulous. 8f7fc847d8af4ebbc222d29cf819854f

She always knew friends came first.


And showed how friendships can stand the test of time.



She was always happy for her friends.


And was never afraid to be honest and speak her mind.


She showed how a little party never killed nobody.


And moved on with grace and determination after she made a mistake…like NOT going to Paris with Teen Vogue in season 1.


Jokes on everybody now because she proved everyone wrong who called her “the girl who didn’t go to Paris.” She is actually the girl with four companies, New York Times bestsellers, and an uber hot husband.

LC companies

Speaking of husband, she wasn’t always so lucky with guys. But because she never settled she got her fairytale.



She also decoded guy signals so yeah you could say she’s a genius in that respect alone.


HBD LC you rock, don’t ever change.



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