Taylor Swift and 1989


I have been a fan of Taylor Swift since her “Teardrops of My Guitar” days and am still a loyal fan. I don’t care if she has had more boyfriends than I can count on two hands, that a majority of her songs are about those boyfriends or that she no longer is a country singer, I have so much respect for her. And to say that I am completely in love with the 1989 album would be an understatement.

Let’s start with some facts shall we? Taylor Swift has grown up in the eye of the public since she was 14 which is around the same time young girls start to get their first boyfriends. The world has grown up with Taylor and it should not come to a shock to anyone that she has had several boyfriends over the course of ten years. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders, is driven by her emotions — which many singer-songwriters are — and has yet to release a sex tape or naked pictures. Yet she is still criticized for being boy crazy.


Also let’s remember that boy bands like The Jonas Brothers, One Direction, the 1975, and practically every other boy band sing about girls! Girls they love, girls they are trying to win over, girls who hurt them. Girls girls girls. And I don’t hear criticisms about those bands singing about girls too much or that those boys are girl crazy. Relationships and love is what the youth of America, youth of the world are consumed with. Just because guys don’t revere being sung about like girls do, it doesn’t mean that Swift should stop singing about them.

Sure she writes about guys, but everyone loves it, ALOT. The stats don’t lie. On November 8, Tech Times wrote “Taylor Swift’s new album “1989” is the first album of the year to go platinum [and] The young star managed to sell over 1.287 million copies of the album” all taking place within the album’s first week. The record breaking didn’t start with 1989 but rather continues Swift’s trailblazing career.

Taylor is a seven-time GRAMMY winner, and the youngest recipient of the GRAMMY Award for Album of the Year. An award recognized by all as the music industry’s highest honor. She also happens to be the best-selling digital music artist of all time and the only female artist in music history (and just the fourth artist ever) to have an album hit the 1 million first-week sales figure TWICE (Speak Now in 2010 and RED in 2012).

You don’t win Grammys out of pity, people genuinely love her songs because she is severely talented. I remember watching a TV special about Taylor Swift a few years back and they interviewed Tim McGraw. He said he remembers having his wife Faith Hill listen to Taylor’s song Teardrops on My Guitar and watching Faith cry. She was in awe of how honest and raw the song was and its ability to bring her back to her own first love experience.




While teens and young adults are Taylor’s biggest consumers, people of all ages can relate to her songs or appreciate the messages the songs deliver. I will always love her old stuff, 1989 is on constant replay on my iPod at the moment.


Swift’s latest music video “Blank Space” has also generated buzz about her boy-craziness taking on a whole new level. The critics who say that clearly miss the irony. Joseph Kahn, the music video’s director, said “Taylor wanted to make a video addressing this concept of, if she has so many boys breaking up with her maybe the problem isn’t the boy, maybe the problem is her.” Instead of denying or complaining about the stereotype that she’s been placed with, she embraces it. And in stunning outfits no less.

When my friend Kristen and I were discussing her new album, and particularly the Blank Space video, she said “this song’s video is the Gone Girl of music videos.” I could not agree more. Taylor embodies a strong female protagonist who isn’t afraid to say “two can play at this game.”



Swift is just a girl who is growing up and trying to find her Prince Charming. She creates honest songs that relate to the masses. What I love about her newest album is the empowering lyrics and upbeat tempos. Sure love sucks but don’t stop trying and if you’re not in love, you can still be happy. To me, that is the spirit of 1989.

On the day of 1989’s release, Taylor wrote a message to her fans on her personal website that I think embodies both the album and who Taylor Swift is today, who she is becoming.

“I’ve told you my stories for years now. Some have been about coming of age. Some have been about coming undone. This is a story about coming into your own, and as a result…Coming alive.

I hope you know that you’ve given me the courage to change. I hope you know that who you are is who you choose to be, and that whispers behind your back don’t define you. You are the only one who gets to decide what you will be remembered for.

From the girl who said she would never cut her hair or move to New York or find happiness in a world where she is not in love…”



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