Why Girls Should Cut Their Hair IF THEY WANT TO

Recently an article was brought to my attention that was written on http://totalfratmove.com/why-girls-should-not-cut-their-hair-short/#LurXvRC3iLRKpxsg.01  about why girls should not cut their hair. The sexist with too much time on his hands who wrote this had three main points. “1. If Celebrities Can’t Pull It Off, You Can’t 2. You Will Stand Out, But Not In A Good Way and 3. They Amplify Your Flaws To Other Girls.” He also wrote that guys really only pay attention to three things on a woman’s body: her boobs, butt, and legs. Guys will pay attention to your hair if and only when “We […] notice the length […] happens to rival our own.” The author of this “article” said that it was okay for his grandma and baby girl cousin to have short hair because they don’t have men to “impress” however women ages 18 to 28 “certainly do.” Wow OK. If this is the guy I am supposedly trying to “impress” than I’d rather be alone. This man wrote many more rude and just plain ignorant things in his “article” but what I find most ridiculous was his sexist point of view and its hypocrisy. Men always claim that women are each other’s harshest critics, but here is a clear example of a man committing the very act all women are supposedly guilty of. I do realize that not all men are like this, however I found it necessary to point out the blatant sexism of this man and of all the people who commented in agreement. I do not have a pixie cut nor do I plan on getting one but I applaud and admire my friends and the celebrities who rock the short hair. It takes genuine confidence, especially in this century, as proved by this man. Whether a woman wants to have her hair down to her hips, have a pixie cut, or have it be somewhere in between, the fact of the matter is, it’s her choice. A girl or guy should not be condemned or defined by their physical appearance nor should a girl or a guy feel as if they need others approval. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful.

Below I have posted some photos of beautiful ladies rocking their short hair.


Mia Farrow


Audrey Hepburn


Kierra Knightly


Emma Watson






Who’s who? One of my great friends Molly recently cut her long locks and is definitely giving Twiggy a run for her money!

*originally posted on November 18, 2013*


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