Veronica Mars: like Nancy Drew. But better.

Veronica Mars. The hit UPN then CW show premiered on September 22, 2004. It lasted three seasons which was about 7 seasons short of what it should have been but whatever CW. Anyways, the show followed Veronica Mars, a strong, independent, witty young woman who progresses from high school to college with your not so typical part-time job: a private investigator. Veronica, alongside her father, runs Mars Investigation and are both somewhat outcasts in the affluent town of Neptune, California. Regardless of the harms done to them, the Mars both remain statically great people who protect the innocent always, regardless of their zip code. This show was recently brought to my attention by one of my best friends…so we vowed before we went and saw the movie to watch all three seasons first. Ten years later, this show is still unmistakably relatable, especially for a high school student, and exudes honesty and empowerment in every episode. Here are 18 of the lessons that I learned from the one, the only, Veronica Mars.

  1. The difference between the hero and the villain.image
  2. What to do when something bad happens.image
  3. Being an outsider isn’t a bad thing.image
  4. Love stinks in high school.image
  5. And all break ups suck.image
  6. But sometimes you can find a great one. imageimageimage
  7. Regardless if he or she is the one, every love story should be epic.imageimage
  8. Sarcasm is fantastic. Know how to use it. imageimageimage
  9. Trust yourself not others.image
  10. Because the best thing to be is independent. image
  11. With independence comes strength.image
  12. And just because you cry, it doesn’t make you weak. image
  13. It’s okay to not know how to handle change. Nobody does.image
  14. Also, never change for any one.image
  15. Honesty is the best policy. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.image
  16. People will respect you for it. If they don’t respect you…demand it.image
  17. Once you learn to accept the apology you’ll never get, life will be much happier.imageimage
  18. And finally, some of the best people are marshmallows. Tough exterior, soft interior. Never judge a book by its cover.image

*originally published on June 15, 2014*


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