Top 10 Places I Want to See Before I’m 30

My current place of residence is within a cute little town nestled outside a big city and I have been lucky enough to have traveled alot with my family. However there are still some places I have yet to go to. I am 17 with a major case of wanderlust therefore I have put a lot of time and effort into deciding these 10 destinations that I must see before I turn thirty.

PARIS, FRANCE The fashion capital of the world and the city of love. Paris has everything I dream about: Chanel, the lourve, French fairytales, course chocolate croissants and of course, the Eiffel Tower.

DUBLIN, IRELAND Where beer and boys are of the best qualities and the accents make me melt. Not to mention where P.S. I Love You was filmed so I guess part of me is hoping to walk into a pub and have a hunky Irish man sing Galway Girl to me.

ITALY And I mean everywhere in Italy. From Rome to Venice to Milan, Naples, and Verona to Tuscany and Florence, I want to see it ALL.

SANTORINI, GREECE Where the nightlife is crazy, the families are loud and beaches are beautiful I am determined to experience it all including the insane amounts of stairs of this mountainous island.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA Lauren Conrad’s home city, center of the film industry, and hub of designers on Rodeo Drive there is nothing unattractive about this city. Their beaches don’t appear to be bad either nor do the surfer dudes.

CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA The country of my ethnicity and a place to practice my many years of Spanish in school, I’d love nothing more than to visit this underratedly beautiful place.

LONDON, ENGLAND Home of Burberry, Kate Middleton, the London Eye, Harrods, and British accents a trip to London has to happen when I am in the market for a husband as well as in the market for trench coats and scarves.

MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK Working it or attending the shows front row, Mercedes-Benz fashion week is definitely in my near future.

MUNICH GERMANY (during Oktober fest) Although I have been to Munich, I wasn’t exactly within range to drink so experiencing this city with that ability is a must.

BALI, INDONESIA Because everyone needs to have a love affair in Bali. So need I say more?

top 10 places

*originally published on August 20, 2013*


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