The Little Market Making Big Marks


What can’t Lauren Conrad do? Besides being a beautiful reality star turned designer, fashion icon and New York Times Best Selling author, she now adds entrepreneur/philanthropist to her job description. The Little Market was founded by Lauren and one of her bffs Hannah Skvarla. They work with artisan groups in developing countries around the world and provide design insights in an effort to help their artisan partners showcase their skills to a broader audience.  The work of each of the groups is funded through earnings from the sales of their fair trade and locally made products. Their mission statement is:

The market has always served as a gathering place. We view The Little Market as a place where a global community can come together to combat poverty, empower communities, and create social justice.” (Information courtesy

I have personally stalked this site and it’s awesome! They have THE cutest house-hold knick knacks and accessories, ranging from winter wear, a winter wreath, to children’s stuffed animals. Any of their items would make perfect holiday gifts. This isn’t just shopping, it’s making a difference. Spread the word about The Little Market and help Lauren and Hannah empower the world.




*originally posed on November 17, 2013*



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