The 5 Best Instagram Accounts I Follow

Let’s be honest, Instagram is taking over all other forms of social media. I am on it more than Facebook, Twitter, and Vine combined. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and Instagram proves that. With Instagram’s latest update allowing videos to be posted to your profile, there is nothing Instagram can’t do.  Below I have listed the five accounts I love looking at most. If you’re not following them, well then you should.

@nordstrom / @nordstromoakbrook


Nordstrom will always be my favorite store… my entire wardrobe consists of clothes, shoes, and accessories from Nordys. Their Instagram account does not dissapoint. It has wit, class, and style. They let you know about all the promotions and give you sneak peaks to upcoming events and designer launches. Every Nordstrom store has a local account so it would be in your best interest to follow both the company’s account and your local Nordys too.



By now you all have probably realized Lauren Conrad is one of my idols so for obvious reasons I am obsessed with her Instagram. She is one of the few celebrities that actually uses it as a personal account to share news and memories with her fans, as well as a PR and marketing tool. If you love LC as much as I do, you will love this account.



Gossip Girl. The show that will never go out of style. This account posts pictures daily of scenes, past photoshoots, or random headshots of the stars of the show. Not only that, but every photo has a quote that coincides with what’s happening in the pic whether it be about love, friendship, or family. Brings my Gossip Girl obsession to a whole new level.



GE Fashionista was started by two girls who attend my high school and have a keen eye for street style. They post weekly updates about the latest trends and forms of self expression they see around our school campus, and each pic has a description of where every piece in the outfit is from and how the person photographed is rocking their unique personal style.



This account has breathtaking professional photos on their feed that are simply amazing to look at. Everything from animals, to landscapes, to people is photographed. Each and every photo makes you smile and reminds you what a beautiful world we live in.

*originally published on November 9, 2013*


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