Perspective. My best friend.

Tavi Gevinson once said “Forever is the state, exclusive to those between the ages of 13 and 17, in which one feels both eternally invincible and permanently trapped.”  I could not agree more. Everything is more intense, feels more severe, and seems as if it is the “end all, be all.” Guy breaks up with you? Resolute thought  = no guy will ever date you again. Until another guys does. Friends kick you out of “the group.” Resolute thought =  FOREVER ALONE. Until you realize none of your best friends were really in that “group” anyways. The moral of these stories is that you immediately think nothing can go right for you again, until it does. Not only do things always work out, but you gain perspective from them. The guy who broke up with you? Yeah he was an immature boy who didn’t realize what it really means to be in a relationship and that in this forever stage especially, your dad is the only guy you can depend on. Those friends who kicked you out? Yeah they’re a bunch of catty girls with little to no self esteem who talk about each other behind the others backs, which helps you realize that your family is the coolest group of people to hangout with anyways. You also realize groups are overrated and that having a few friends in your high school career that you can truly call your best friends is worth more than saying you were apart of a certain group. So perspective comes in when you rise above situations like these and gain knowledge that you didn’t have before. You keep your head up and realize that you are incredibly lucky the best four years of your life weren’t in high school. Don’t get me wrong, high school is great. You learn about yourself, and what you want in life, and more importantly what you don’t want in life. The dances are fun, the “firsts” you experience make amazing memories, and you start becoming more independent. But high school is also filled with pointless drama, tears, excessive amounts of homework, early mornings, pimples, and loss of friends, guys, and just people you once thought were important in the novel we call life. So besides family, a few best friends, and your dog, perspective is another important thing to latch onto in the “forever years.” High school isn’t forever, and so much more is to come. Things can only go up from here, theforever stage won’t last forever, and that is something to take comfort in.

*originally published on April 6, 2014*


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