Life Lessons as taught by the Olsen twins.

The Olsen twins made their first on screen appearance 27 years ago on the family funny sitcom, Full House. Since then, they have starred in over a dozen movies, had several of their own television shows, have had multiple fictional book series feature them as the stars, attended college at NYU, dropped out of NYU, and now, they successfully run their own fashion enterprises. You could say they have accomplished quite a lot in their 27 years of existence. However, where I learned my most valuable lessons from them was from their various films circa early 2000s. And with that, I present to you 17 lessons they taught me. Peace love mk&a.

  1. No matter where you go you’ll always find hot guys.image

  2. Being a freshman kinda sucks but it gets better.image

  3. Justification for forgiving really really really hot guys.image

  4. Its okay to talk a lot.image

  5. You and your sister are the best example of teamwork when it comes to anything.image

  6. What to look for in relationships.image

  7. Have standards.image

  8. And know that guys aren’t everything.image

  9. Your sister is the only person who is completely honest with you.image

  10. And your sister knows exactly how to calm you down.image

  11. How you should handle boyfriend stealers.image

  12. Always be straightforward and honest. image

  13. Sisters help you keep perspective.image

  14. Wear lipstick.image

  15. How to properly execute the eyeroll.image

  16. To have an obsession with New York. Anything can happen in the City and you can find yourself amongst the craziness of it. image

  17. And finally, sisters are forever friends.imageimage


 *originally published on April 20, 2014*

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