Chanel Haute Couture Street Style Report

As an aspiring fashion journalist it was just pure serendipity that my family and I happened to be in Paris for the beginning of Haute Couture Fashion Week. Not only were we in the city for fashion week but the Chanel show happened to occur on Tuesday; the day before I left. The fates were aligned perfectly in my favor. So I took the metro to the Grand Palais at 10am and camped out with the rest of the paparazzi, reporters, and bloggers, and eagerly awaited the guests of the show to depart and arrive. Everyone knows it’s customary for the attendees to wear the designer’s label to the show so it will come as no surprise to you all that many fashionista/os were sporting Chanel classics. However, some of my favorite looks were barely wearing the designer, if at all. Not only were the clothes fabulous but so were the people. The whole atmosphere was contagious of class, excitement, individuality and hope. On my right were Vogue interns who were trying to get guests to take of copy of their reports on the shows of the previous day. On my left were a group of photographers gossiping about the ex-model they spotted who was now photographing the event too. In front of me were the invited persons holding on tightly to their white envelopes that held their “ruby red slippers” into the “Emerald City” also known as the Chanel show. And finally, behind me were masses of fashionable women and men being photographed and/or hoping to be photographed. It was truly a surreal experience and I anxiously await the day that I’ll be invited to Fashion Week as a journalist for a magazine like Vogue or Elle. But until then, I will have this Tuesday morning outside the Grand Palais forever engrained in my memory. Below are some pictures from my first experience as a Street Style Blogger, enjoy!


*originally published on July 21, 2014*


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