8 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence should be every girl’s idol.

It is no question that Jennifer Lawrence is an extraordinary actress. Her countless nominations and awards can testify to that. However, it is her one-of-a-kind personality and extraordinary humor off the screen that has millions of people proclaiming that she is their women crush….not just on Wednesdays but everyday. Below 9 reasons why EVERY girl should look up to J.Law.

  1. She keeps perspective when it comes to chick drama.image
  2. She accepts her awards with humor and grace.imageimageimage
  3. She loves food.image
  4. But she still has a rockin and NOT freakishly skinny bod.imageimage
  5. She puts the paparazzi in their place.image
  6. She says what’s on her mind.imageimage
  7. She isn’t afraid to be goofy…in public….with millions of people watching.imageimage
  8. And finally, she’s the only actress who can do Katniss Everdeen justice.
 *originally published on January 17, 2013*



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