15 Things Gilmore Girls Taught Me about “Best Friendships”

1. You have no problem telling each other everything.


2. And have no shame in asking or answering personal questions.



3. You’re honest with each other about everything.


4. And even when things go well for the other friend, you are still happy for them.


5. You always know where each other is.


6. You are there for each other when guys suck.


7. And are more than willing to beat the guy up.


8. You tolerate each other on the gloomy days.

9. And embrace each other’s weirdness.

10. But remind each other when the other is acting crazy.

11. You enjoy doing the same one of a kind things.

12. You aren’t afraid to say that you’re worried about them and you know just what to do when they’re not doing okay.

13. And you always have an escape plan for each other.

14. Modesty doesn’t exist amongst the two of you.

15. And most of all. You know they will always be there for you and that no matter what stage of life, no matter how old you are, they will always be there to remind you you’re never alone.

 *originally posted on January 26, 2014*



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