12 Best TV and Movie Proposals

So because every single girl is hating herself with Valentine’s Day coming up I decided to compile a list of TV and movie marriage proposals that will make you grab for a box of tissues while simultaneously make you feel hopeful for the future of your love life. Because, let’s be honest, who isn’t a hopeless romantic?


Lorelai and Max  on Gilmore Girls 

Even though everyone was always rooting for Luke, no one could deny that the grand gesture of one thousand yellow daisies was anything less than exceptional on Max’s part.


Blair and Chuck on Gossip Girl

After six seasons and countless heartaches, New York City’s most powerful couple were finally ready to tie the knot.


Topanga and Corey on Boy Meets World

Inspiring 90s kids everywhere that high school sweethearts can last a lifetime.


Meredith and Derek on Greys Anatomy

McDreamy had met his match with Meredith Grey and his medical proposal was both practical and perfect.


Monica and Chandler on Friends

This tear jerker of a proposal showed that even guys get choked up when it comes to popping the question.



When Harry Met Sally

The ultimate example proving that best friends first is always a good idea.


Sweet Home Alabama

The epitome of class. This surprise proposal that led Reese Witherspoon’s character to the 5th Avenue NYC’s Tiffany and Co. set standards sky high for city girls everywhere.


Love Actually

Proved to people everywhere that love can overcome anything, even languages.


The Proposal 

While Margaret’s Proposal to Andrew was hysterical in the beginning of the movie, Andrew’s real proposal at the end brought tears to everyone’s eyes.


He’s Just Not That Into You

Giving hope to every girl that, sometimes, when it’s most important, she can be the exception, not the rule.


Sex and the City: The Movie

Big knew the way to Carrie’s (and my) heart by proposing with a pair of Manolo Blahniks.


Sense and Sensibility 

Last but not least, the amazing proposal by Hugh Grant in a movie that brings you to tears of pure joy because Emma Thompson finally gets her happily ever after.


*originally posted on February 11, 2014*


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