The Great Gatsby’s Great Style


The Great Gatsby, not just your average book. Over the summer it was required reading for my english class and well let’s just say it is one of the best books I have ever read. Yes, this may be very cliche because The Great Gatsby is similarly critically acclaimed as one of the best classics of all time by persons much more credible than some suburban gal but it truly is an outstanding book. However, this is not a lit crit blog, I am writing a fashion blog, therefore I am here to discuss the gorgeous fashion of the Gatsby era. Pearls, head wraps, tank shift dresses, unparalleled beadwork, red lips, and winged eyeliner to name just a few iconic pieces of 20s fashion. Let’s not forget the Dapper Dans of the era though ladies. I give mad props to the hotties in this decade. They dressed up in suits for EVERY occasion. That is what I like to see and it puts a whole new meaning to “Suit up!”. Also can’t forget these handsome hotties’ loafers, pocket squares, and vests. Not to romanticize too much, but I think it’s safe to say this was a remarkably stylish time in American history and there’s nothing wrong with glamour in your everyday ensemble. Because let’s be honest, what is more irresistible than a man in a suit?



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