Let’s Paint the Town Red


The iconic red lip. A beauty statement since the beginning of time. Attempted by many, achieved by few. I can tell you from personal experience that the perfecting of the red lip takes time, patience and dedication. My mother wasn’t joking when she said “it’s a process”. So, in lieu of Christmas I decided it was as good a time as any to try it out. In search of the perfect red lip I looked to the greats: Taylor, Elizabeth, and Marilyn. With a little help from a friend I call Chanel and a shade she named 19 Gabrielle, I felt prepared to rock the red lip. Now this may sound cliche, but when I painted on my red lips I become a whole new woman! Not only did it make me feel extremely confident, but I felt very sophisticated to boot. But what is it about the color red that makes gals like me feel so confident? Maybe it’s because the color red is (more or less scientifically) proven to have more personal associations than any other color and is known to give us a sense of security. Red is also known to increase enthusiasm as well as stimulate energy. So the more red you wear the more energy you are giving are saying you have. For whatever reason, scientific or not, red gives woman confidence. Perhaps this is the reason my gal Tswift chose to give her latest album the namesake of the color. If you have been following Taylor like I have since she was 13, singing about the “Teardrops on [her] Guitar”, then you’ll know this latest album is nothing like her others. When asked about her creative evolution, Swift plainly stated she wanted to “step outside [her] comfort zone.” That she did. Thankfully, the songs did not lose that “girl-power-boys-suck” feel to them, so in my humble opinion this was her best album yet. As you can see, red can be used to give you kick ass confidence in any part of your life: at a holiday party, on a first date, or at a party where your ex is going to be. The red lip is every woman’s secret weapon. Just remember that as a wise friend once told me, “Red lips are for classy occasions”. Well gals, whatever your reason I hope you try out the red lip this holiday season and go into it knowing that, dare I sound cliche again, come out feeling like a new woman! Still feeling hesitant? Then take to the pictures below for inspiration and soak in the words of wisdom stated so eloquently by Elizabeth Taylor.








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