LC: Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad has got to be in my top 3 style crushes of ALL TIME. She literally taught me so much for a person I’ve never even met, oh wait except that I did meet her. Forget the fact that it was only for a minute but it was one of the best minutes of my life. She is everything I could wish to be and literally taught me so much about life it’s insane. Since 2007, Lauren Conrad has put her life on display for everyone to see. It all started in Laguna Beach, California when Lauren was a senior in high school. Laguna was filled with the pointless catty drama that we thrive on when it’s not happening to us in high school. The show was filled with priceless moments of various crises over boyfriends, best friends, and the ever important Prom. I eat this stuff up, and so did teenage gals everywhere. Then when Lauren left Laguna, both literally and figuratively, she went on to be the star of The Hills. This was more or less a continuation of drama over boyfriends and best friends, but because Lauren was an aspiring fashionista at the time, the show also featured an inside look to the industry that I would soon come to love. Without Lauren, I think it is safe to say I never would have become so interested in fashion. Sure at first I was attracted to the industry because she made it look so glamourous and well, just plain cool. But the show also showed me the excitement and the opportunities that the fashion industry could give you. The rest was history. Furthermore, looking back Lauren taught me so much about other aspects of life. Like about friendships and relationships and just guys in general. She is one of the most down to earth people and has a great head on her shoulders. Sure, she messed up and made plenty mistakes along the way, mind you with millions of viewers watching, but she would always pick herself up, remind herself what was important and MOVE FORWARD. An inspiration to all and one of my biggest role models.

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