Gossip Girl: An era coming to an end

“Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite” the infamous words that start off every GG episode. It’s hard to believe a show that has occupied so much of my life since 2007. Five years later, not only has the drama, relationships, and friendships evolved but so has the fashion. A show set in the fashion capital of the world is bound to have unparalleled style. The leading ladies modeled the hottest runway fashions and showed girls everywhere  that yes, style straight from the runway could be worn on the streets, but one must not forget that these streets HAVE to be the streets of New York City. Blair Waldorf represented the posh, sophisticated Upper East Side Queen B while Serena represented the individual free spirited luxe socialite. Both very different but very complimentary. And we can’t forget the guys! Nate sported all-american preppy, sporty style while Chuck Bass was well Chuck Bass. His style is incomparable. Classy retro inspired and always in a suit, Chuck Bass is the underrated style super star of the show. Finally, lonely boy Dan Humphrey represented the Lower East Side casual hipster. Although their drama came and went, the style never faded and will forever be remembered even after the last episode airs on December 17th. Til next time…xoxo Gossip Girl.3255891140_10c8d3412b_o Gossip-Girl-cast_l Promo1_11882 Gossip-Girl-season-3-promotional-Photo-for-Danielle-gossip-girl-31797777-1680-1050 hot-gossip-girl-cast gossip-girl-51 51CRMoqETjL._SX500_ gossip-girl-season-6


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