Selena Gomez

In lieu of the Justin Bieber concert I will be attending tonight, I decided to shine the spotlight on his right hand gal: Selena Gomez. I have been a huge fan of both SelGo’s acting and style ever since her deb

ut on Wizards of Waverly Place back in 2007. Since then Selena has made a name for herself in both fashion, film, music, and philanthropy. Besides starring in Wizards on Disney Channel, Selena has snagged leading roles in films such as Another Cinderella Story and Monte Carlo. Furthermore she has had three wildly successful albums and a tour under her very stylish belt. With regard to charity, she is a UNICEF ambassador. And finally, her fashion! Her style is so casual, so cute, just SO chic. The clothes she wears are items anyone can buy from stores such as Nordstrom and H&M which makes her style affordable to boot. However, she is all glamour when it comes to the red carpet: my ALL TIME FAVORITE look of hers is her red dress stunner that she wore to the Vanity Fair Oscars Party. How can one attain her style? Well she made it easy because she created her own affordable fashion line called Dream Out Loud with Kmart. Needless to say, Selena is one stylin’ star for the mere age of 20; but what I find most admirable is how down to earth she is and her effortless grace.


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